About Us

Oy Meaning Processing Ltd is an independent non-profit public research organization located in Helsinki, Finland. It was set up in 2005, with the aim to become a leading centre of research in the area of meaning processing.

The company supports advanced interdisciplinary research, and promotes the creation and transfer of state-of-the-art theoretical and practical knowledge.

Our Vision
In a global networked world, information and communication technologies interact with the most fundamental processes of the society and our everyday life. Information society technologies are used and appropriated in a cultural, social, and historical context. They are used in ways that are meaningful for their users. In a multicultural, diversified and global world, the design of information society technologies, products and policies requires deep understanding of the cultural, social, and historical roots of meaning.
The future is already here. We just have to realise it.
Our Scientific Advisory Board

To guarantee the success in this demanding new research area, we rely on the support of leading global experts.

J.T. Bergqvist
John Seely Brown
Manuel Castells
Yrjö Engeström
Yrjö Sotamaa
Liisa Välikangas
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